Casks and
Set of Barrels "Batteria"

Ageing in casks is the most important step of all Balsamic Vinegar production. The three phases (fermentation, maturation and ageing) occur inside barrels of different kinds of woods (mainly oak, chestnut, mulberry, cherry and juniper) and hold various volumes from about 75/100 liters up to 10 liters. Each wood confers a particular characteristic: the colour of chestnut rich in tannins, the ease of getting thick with mulberry, the resinous flavors of juniper, the sweetness of cherry and the typical vanilla aroma of prized oak. Decreasing size of casks is necessary for properly carrying on the annual travasi. These corresponds to the act of pouring Balsamic from one barrel into the previous one in order to compensate the collection of finished product and the annual decrease due to natural evaporation. All these procedures require skills and caution in respect of the product evolutionary state for granting the optimum development for centuries to come.



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